Who Am I?

The question, “Who am I?” is a question that keeps a lot of people up at night. Entire portions of the modern entertainment industry attempt to help people think about this question.

There are entire sections in book stores, dedicated to helping people answer this unanswerable question. To try and minimize our entire existence to a single sentence, I think, does a major disservice to what it is to be a human being.

However, for the purpose of this website I’ll keep it simple. I am a leader, a manager, a doer. My name is Michael Holden and I have been working in the field of management since I was nineteen years old in one form or fashion.

On this blog I will attempt to help inspire future and current management professionals to be more. I will attempt to arm them with the tools they will need to be leaders, and not just managers.

It is my firmly held belief that the success of a manager or a leader of any type is directly related to the success of his or her team. That may seem like a various obvious statement but you would be surprised how quickly that simple principle is neglected and forgotten.

The problem that I have seen time and time again is that management teams treat their crews almost like the enemy. Now don’t get me wrong, there do exist users and abusers who are out only to satisfy whatever needs they may feel their employer must meet for them and in the process make the work environment toxic and uncomfortable. Those are not the people I am referring to.

It is my goal to arm future and current leaders with the tools to direct their teams with compassion, consistency, clear vision, and honesty.

Join me as I aim to do just that.


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